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Because we only accept a minimal number of hunters, we do not attend the Sports Shows. This is for your advantage. We would love to meet and speak with you in person, but we would have to book three times as many hunters than we now accept, in order to cover the excessive expenses of attending the shows.

From previous Guests

“I wanted to say thank you for the great time and hospitality you both showed us during our stay at Call of the North.  Tom and I both loved the outdoors.  Although Tom has hunted many times before, this was my first Grouse Hunt.  It was thrilling to get my limit of birds on my first trip.  Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, and I found I was able to carry both my camera and my shotgun.  We loved the hikes on the hunting trails; the scenery was beautiful in the entire area.  I hope we can return for another trip in the near future….maybe for Bear next time.  Loved it….rain and sunshine….it was gorgeous either way!” —Tom and Carol Lindelien— Aitkin, MN

“My two friends and I booked a “Frontier Bear Hunt” at Call of the North. Ours was a unique experience. You haven’t lived until you’ve slept out in the wilderness under the moon and stars and awoke to the beaming sunrise and the smell of an old tin of coffee steaming over an open fire. We went fishing every day and bear hunting in the evening. They provide a top-notch hunt with a special emphasis on individual success and comfort. They really do care that you go away happy. We are already booked for next season” –— Dave Brewer—La Crosse, Wisconsin

“Because I am afflicted with Leukemia I wanted to book my lifetime dream Bull Moose rifle hunt with an outfitter that would want to take the time and effort to assist my special needs. Everything was perfect. I had the opportunity to take down three different Bull Moose. I decided on a big Bull with a 54” rack. What a magnificent animal and a breathtaking experience! I left there feeling proud with a 54” moose rack and tons of delicious meat not to mention the pleasure of viewing the scenic wilderness. My friend also went home with his Calf Moose tag filled. Talk about fabulous meat! I won’t forget”. —– Max

“Our group has been hunting grouse and other birds every where.  Call of the North is the first place we have ever called “Paradise”.  We have never seen so many birds!  It usually takes less than half a day for all eight of us to get our limit.  We spent the afternoons fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike. We’ll be back again next year!Noel Baxter — Long Island, New York

“I have gone to call of the north for 3 years.  It’s beautiful!!!!  Two years in a row I got a very big black bear.  One year I bagged a trophy Bull moose and a lot of Ruffed Grouse.  I would recommend this place to everyone.  Not only is the hunting great, the outfitter is excellent.  The view each night from my cabin is breathtaking.  I watched sunsets over the lake and had the special opportunity to see the Northern Lights.” — Tim Martin — Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I have already booked for next year.  This will be my sixth year hunting Black Bear at Call of the North.  I have taken three bears, and since then have only been looking for the  “monster” bear.  The others have averaged around 300 lbs. more or less.  I’ve also enjoy the great fishing that they offer.  One of these days I plan on going for archery moose.  I see so many of them when I am bear hunting.” — Dan Franks — Poynette, Wisconsin.

“My boys and I have gone to Call of the North four times in ten years.  We have gone on three bear hunts there.  This year we took three trophy black bears. We probably enjoy fishing just about as much as hunting because they have boats on all kinds of lakes.  We’ve hunted across the U.S. and Alaska and have to say that Call of the North is exactly what you expect and more.  We will be back.” — Sam Derugen — State College, Pennsylvania.

“I went on my first bear hunt last year at Call of the north and got a trophy black bear weighing over 500 lbs.  My buddy got one also but not as big as mine. I will go back when I can and I am glad I chose them for my first hunt.  Their resort is really clean and nice– located right in the wilderness.” — Tom Ferguson —  Midland, Michigan

“My friend and I went to Call of the north grouse hunting this year for the first time.  Their weather was at least a month behind so most of the birds were deep in the woods.  But I couldn’t believe how many we saw and bagged.  I am going back up in two weeks to do it again.  There were so many hunting trails we couldn’t count them.  Our dogs had an excellent time and were worn out every day.  What a place!” — Dr. Richard Robinson — Culpepper, Virginia

“My bear hunting trip to Call of the North was a rare experience.  I actually passed up a nice bear to kill two wolves out of a pack that was hitting my bait.  My experience is too lengthy to share here but it was interesting enough to have published in the Leesburg, N.J. newspaper.  All I can say is it was a “once in a lifetime experience” getting to hear the howling and sounds of a wolf pack for five days.  A little scary too!  Truly, a worthwhile place to go and experience a hunt and the beauty of the Ontario wilderness. — Bob Eisele — Leesburg, New Jersey