Fishing (semi-guided)

This package includes a 6 night stay, modern cabin accommodations, boats, motors, fuel, maps of the lakes, and freezer service.  All Fisherman must arrive after 11:00AM on Saturdays and depart by 10:00AM on the following Friday.

Let us at Call of the North do the discovery and you do the fishing.  For more than 30 years we have been examining dozens of wilderness lakes in the area.  These lakes are located off dirt and gravel roads and are difficult to access.  Because of this they are seldom fished by locals and other tourists.

After we determine the species and population of a lake and decide to use it, we cut an inconspicuous trail for our guests to travel on.  This gives you the opportunity to fish these beautiful lakes in solitude.  Using specific conservation methods, we have the ability to control over-harvesting of a lake by removing pressure on it during certain seasons.  As our guest you will truly enjoy fishing different lakes that contain; Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish and Lake Trout.

Don’t be concerned about where to fish each day.  Let us plan your fishing trip and you enjoy the leisure and excitement of good fishing.  Bring along your favorite rod, reel and life jackets, some ten-pound line, a few colored lead-head jigs (Walleye), some three inch red/white dare-devils (Northern Pike), and a few of your favorite artificial lures.  Live bait is available locally.

We have a convenient screened fish-and-game cleaning building with running water for your use, and freezer service for those big ones you wish to take home.  If you don’t like fishing where everyone else does… you’ll love our personalized fishing packages!