Archery Moose Hunts

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Archery Moose Hunts (Semi-guided – Fall)

This package includes a 6 night hunt, modern cabin accommodations, and moose recovery.  All hunters must arrive after 10:00AM Saturday and depart by 10:00AM the following Friday.  After booking a hunt, each hunter will be provided with educational material that familiarizes you with moose movement and habitat and teaches you how to call them in.

This is an excellent time of year to hunt moose.  Archery moose falls three weeks before gun moose season; you will have the woods to yourself.  This is also the time of year in which the moose begin to rut.  Because of this, you will have a good chance of calling the Moose into your tree stand.  Our moose are the second largest in the world with fifty-inch and larger racks commonplace.

Since we have been baiting for bear during the previous 14 weeks, we will be able to assist you in finding a well-traveled moose area.  We cover a large area and often see moose and tracks or droppings.

After you bag your trophy, we will assist you with bringing it out of the woods (maybe even a swamp) and transport it back to the resort.  After that, we will help you quarter it and get it ready to take home.  All you need is your archery equipment (Crossbow is legal during archery season), a good knife, a compass, a survival kit, and proper clothing.  You will want to wear camouflage during your time in your tree stand but will have to wear some hunter orange on your way to and from the stand.

For our moose hunters’ enjoyment, we offer free grouse hunting.  You only need to purchase a small game license.  Because you will hunt Moose during the early mornings and late afternoons, you can spend the mid-day grouse hunting.

Be prepared for all types of weather.  The terrain you will hunt will be the same as that described in our general information section.

You will have a wonderful experience.  The scenery, solitude, and excitement of a huge moose cannot be compared to any other hunt.