Grouse Hunts

Grouse – Ruffed, Spruce, and Sharp-Tail (Semi-Guided – Fall)

This package includes a 6 night hunt with modern cabin accommodations and freezer service.  We will provide you with a map and show you where and how to hunt Ontario Grouse.  We maintain hundreds of miles of trails so that no group ever hunts with any other group.  Some of these trails can be hunted by foot (with or without a dog), and others by ATV or vehicle depending upon your individual needs.  Each hunter can take 5 Grouse and 5 Sharptails per day, but have no more than 15 of each in their possession at any time.  So be prepared to eat all of your excess birds….

Northwestern Ontario has two color phases of Ruffed Grouse; Rust and Grey, as well as Spruce Grouse.  Our Grouse live in all natural habitat consisting of a mixed forest of Aspen, Spruce and Birch trees, and tend to roost in evergreens in the Fall and Winter months.  They are capable of bursts of flight up to 100 yards.  The natural habitat produces two hatches per season.  In fact, the Geraldton area  is designated as having the highest and most consistent population of Grouse in Ontario by the Ministry of Natural Resources.  You will find our Sharp-Tails in previous logged-out, grassy areas.  There is also an overpopulation of ducks and seasonal geese that may draw your interest.  For a minimal waterfowl stamp fee, these birds are fair game as well.  You must use steel shot for waterfowl.

If you want to get away from it all and truly enjoy a bountiful hunt in the quiet of the woodlands….try our Grouse Hunt.  It’s a not-so-serious, relaxed, fun kind of hunt.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you hunt with dogs, be sure they are close working dogs because you want to be close to them when they flush the covey of Grouse– you won’t want to miss that wing shot!  Also, under no circumstances are dogs permitted inside your cabin.  They must stay on your cabin porch, in their pen, or in your vehicle.  Thank you very much!